Development of Automated Agricultural Information System


Information System; broadcast media; Agricultural sector; Agricultural Automated Information System; farmers; government


Information giving out in the area of Agriculture is usually through the use of broadcast media, newspapers, magazines, pamphlet, individuals, gatherings, and seminars. Also records of farmer are collected manually using printable forms and complaints are tabled through extension workers. The challenges with these systems are unrelated of information deliver, the system does not capture all farmers, and communication is one way.  The main objective of this paper is to implement the Algorithms for Agricultural Automated Information System for Computer Based Information system in Agricultural sector in Nigeria. The system was developed using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Hypertext Preprocessor (PhP), Java scripting Language, My SQL Server, WAMP server, cascading sheet, notepad and web browser.  These results show that the problem of a lack of appropriate and easily accessible agricultural information can be solved using a system. After the development of the system, information about farmers profile who had registered, farm inputs as well as other information can be view and their locations easily identified.  The portal is distributed system which various Ministries of agricultural and rural development in the country can adopt so as to have a database that contains all farmers’ information and provide a platform that would provide seamless access to improved information and communication dissemination system in order to take advantage of ICT.



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